This is subject to change as needed and agreed upon by the author and editor. 

January 01, 2020

Borbolla Edits

This letter of agreement outlines the contract between Borbolla Edits and The Author to Edit “Your Book”, based on our recent discussion.

This contract, the manuscript, any communications, and contact information between Borbolla Edits and the author are confidential and will not be used for any other purpose or sold to any other party without signed permission from the author and Borbolla Edits.

Services to be performed

Proofread/Copyedit/Developmental edit to be performed at the agreed-upon price of ______ per word.

Style Specifications

  1. Borbolla Edits will follow The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th ed. The contents of this edit are marked on the services page of the website and can be included with this contract. Please review these specifications. Any changes or additions must be agreed upon by Borbolla Edits and the author. They will be included in this contract.

  2. A style sheet for your manuscript will be prepared and provided to you.

  3. Aspects not edited: fact-checking, logic, and copyright.



  1. Author will send Borbolla Edits the manuscript as a Microsoft Word document by email and Borbolla Edits will return the finished manuscript as a Microsoft Word document by email.

  2. Borbolla Edits will receive The Author’s manuscript on July 21st, and Borbolla Edits will provide a finished product and invoice by July 31st. Borbolla Edits will deliver the edited manuscript by email on or before this date.

  3. Borbolla Edits will receive a total payment of $         for          words on          pages of your book.



  1. Borbolla Edits will receive a payment of a 50% deposit after this agreement is signed and before the project is started.

  2. Borbolla edits will receive a final payment of the last 50% at the completion and delivery of the manuscript on the agreed-upon date.

  3. Payment to be submitted through Paypal.



  1. If you should decide not to pursue the completion of this project for any reason, Borbolla Edits will invoice you for work completed to that date, at the rate outlined above. A nonrefundable minimum payment of 25% of the total amount outlined in this contract is required for any agreed-upon services.

  2. Late arrival of your manuscript to Borbolla Edits will result in late delivery of the completed manuscript by the same number of days. Postponement or cancellation could occur due to prior commitments.



  1. Get 5% off if you use any two of my services.

  2. Get 10% off if you use all three of my services.



The author always retains copyright of their original manuscript; however, the edits done by Borbolla Edits to their manuscript is the property of Borbolla Edits until final payment is received, at which time copyright of the edits will be immediately transferred to The Author.

©2020 by Borbolla Edits