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Basics of Microsoft Office's Track Changes for Authors

Track Changes

I will track all changes I make to your manuscript with Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature. It tracks every change I make to your manuscript. The only thing that I do not track is formatting changes (such as margin size). You can find a sample of what Track Changes looks like on my website under “Sample Edits.” The text I delete will have a strikethrough like this, but it will be a different color based on your settings. Any added text will be underlined like this. Again, it will be a different color based on your settings.

When you receive your edited manuscript, you will be able to accept or reject one change at a time or all of them at once. To accept or reject an individual change, you must right click on the change you wish to accept or reject, find the item on the menu that says accept or reject change, and select the one you want.

Another way to accept or reject any changes I make to your manuscript is to use the review ribbon. There is an arrow beside the “Accept” button and the “Reject” button. Click that arrow and you will find a drop-down menu. You can use this drop-down menu to accept or reject all changes to your manuscript. To the right of those two buttons are two smaller buttons with arrows. You can use those arrows to navigate between the changes I have made.

*Tip: An easier way to do things might be to first reject any changes you do not like by right-clicking and selecting reject changes, then using the review ribbon drop-down menu to accept all changes for the rest of the manuscript.


I will leave queries and comments in the right margin of your manuscript. These are questions, comments, and ideas about the manuscript. You can read through the comments and reply to the ones that need replies. To reply to a comment, you simply select the comment, find the comment button with the arrow inside it, and click on it. You can then write your reply in the area provided.

You can delete an individual comment or all of them at once. To delete an individual comment, select the comment you would like to delete, go to the review tab, find the area that says delete with an "x" in the upper-left-hand corner, and click the button. To delete all comments, go to the review tab, find the delete button, click the arrow to the right of it, and select the option for deleting all comments.

Here is a link to Microsoft Office’s tips for tracked changes:

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