As an editor, my job is to help you achieve your dream novel. I will work with you to decide which level(s) of editing will help you achieve that dream. I want to support you through this process.  If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to contact me with my contact form below, on Facebook, or by email at



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Free Sample Edit: I will edit a 1,000-word sample of your work for free. You can send it to me by my contact form below or by email to In the message, you can let me know what type of editing you are interested in receiving. If you do not know what type of editing you are interested in, I would be happy to assist you in your decision. 

Long Sample Edit ($40 for 5,000 words): If you would like a better idea of our editorial compatibility, I will edit a longer sample of your work. This will include up to 5,000 words of any editing service you are interested in for $40.

Proofreading: This comes after editing and is usually the final check of the manuscript.


I will correct:







Typos (ex: missing words, double words, extra spaces).

Copyedit /Line Edit: During copyediting, I will go through the manuscript sentence by sentence, word by word, and letter by letter. My main goal when copyediting is to ensure the consistency, correctness, and coherency of the manuscript. I will also ensure the conformity of the manuscript to The Chicago Manual of Style, which is the standard style guide for the book publishing industry.

I will edit:

Subject-verb agreement
Pronoun-antecedent agreement
Word usage. (ex: accept/except)
Quotations and dialogue
Abbreviations and acronyms
Numbers and symbols
Weak or unnecessary wording and phrasing. 
Parallel structure
Modifier use
Appropriate language for character, scene, and genre. 
Proper name consistency and capitalization. 
Historical dates, times, and events.
Timing of events
Active voice.
Setting consistency. 
Character consistency.
Correctness and consistency of details and descriptions. 
Repetitive words, phrases, and sentences.  
Problems with sentence structure and/or variation.
Wordy phrases, sentences, or paragraphs.
Bias or sexist language


Note: I do not guarantee copyediting of logical fallacies, fact-checking, or copyright infringement; however, I will do my best to spot them and query you about them.

Developmental Edit: This is a comprehensive edit for the overall plot, characterization, and structure of your manuscript. I will deeply analyze your manuscript and suggest ways to enhance your already-great story. This edit includes a long and deeply-detailed revision letter. 


I will analyze:

Overall pacing and flow.

Potential plot holes.



Info dumping.

Changing POV.

Showing and Telling

Scene variance

Sentences variance

Pacing of each scene

Each Character’s uniqueness

Character appropriate dialogue

Supporting characters

Each main character’s GMCs (Goals, motivation, and conflict)

Characters’ well-roundedness

Each character’s thoughts, dialogue, and actions

Major plot issues

The plot’s introduction.


Scene appropriate dialogue.

Dialogue in general.


How accurate the tone is for the story

The tone accomplished

The ending

Timeline issues.

Whether the author has reached the reader’s emotions. 

After Editing:

All of my editorial packages include 10 follow-up questions. I don’t want you to feel as if I am leaving you on your own after I have edited your manuscript. I know it can be confusing and overwhelming when you first receive your edited manuscript. I am happy to answer your follow-up questions by email. 

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